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The Interactive Tables Restaurant (“IT Resto”) will be a moderately priced 80-120-seat-restaurant offering the family-style food combined with the unique service based on the high-end smart service technology. Roasted chicken, pot roast, pork chops along with classic hamburgers, wraps and generous salads are all on the menu. But the way you order is an all-new smart solution used only in one place in the region.

We use a smart-table technology that makes ordering fast, convenient and interactive. While ordering, you can enjoy the interaction with the smart table – surf the web, go virtual shopping, play games, or just enjoy your social activities literally under your fingers. We will offer specialty selections including lighter options and smaller portions for a children’s menu. A range of locally crafted beers and wines from every part of the world will add a special note to the site!

Join us and together we will create the new way of dining!

What's the BUZZ?!

Have you been waiting too long for a waiter to get a menu and make an order?
Have you been tired of shopping too long?
Do you always find it difficult to keep children by your table?

Nobody understands the needs of a diner more than we do!



Come in, sit down and tap the IT. Your food starts cooking right after the order is placed. Simple as that: and no need to look for waiters taking orders. Trust them to bring you the order when ready and let the table entertain you meanwhile (which is much more convenient than staring at a small display of your mobile).



With our tables, you may do all everyday things online and get a local experience. The restaurant is situated in the mall: 100+ shops, a Cinamon cinema and Super SkyPark – make sure that you do not miss special offers! – buy tickets or just go virtual shopping both local and global brands directly from the tables.



You can rest assured that the interactive table can make it happen. Fortunately, the tech is a solution. In the hunt for getting the child’s attention, interactive table might have the solution, though the use of it is limited to the dining time. Our tables offer not just the menu – children will find there different games and entertainment, so they may probably stay!


We have a 5-year agreement with the T1 mall of Tallinn, our team is strengthened due to a Chef with 15+ years of experience including 8+ years of work in Scandinavia. We also cooperate with a producer and developer of the interactive tables that has a share in this restaurant, who is responsible for the technical support and development of all needed additional software.

Such tables are already used in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lviv and Vladikavkaz. So, the technology works, and we are looking forward to implementing it in Estonia.
Technological projects are launched by the Farwell and NP2 interior architectural bureau. The mall is currently being built and the estimated time for starting construction of the restaurant is about mid-summer, when the mall is ready for that.

It's good time to join our team

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Our Team

Please meet our team members – your name can be here too! Just let us know how you can support the IT Resto!
Today we are creating not just a restaurant – here, in this place, we are laying the foundation for a new era of the restaurant industry in Estonia.

Our cooperation is just beginning – so today anybody else can join our team by supporting this unique project.
Let's create the future together!

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CEO Aleksandr Ganbin

IT Resto founder

Deals with: HR, administrative and digital advertisement sales parts

Owner of Agnor agency since 2007. Most of the time deals with HR sector and strongly believes - right person in the right place can change the world! He is engine and thruster of the project.


Advisor Allan Remmelkoor

Board Member | T1 Mall of Tallinn

Deals with: Support the IT Resto from T1 Mall side

Allan always looks for impressive and progressive projects to add to T1 Mall of Tallinn. He advises the Team of IT Resto with all information needed for the successful launch of the project.


Chef Alexey Nikolaevskiy


Deals with: The whole Kitchen: stuff and staff

Chef, who owned his own cafe after a graduate of cookery vocational education. He went the long way from line cook till Chef. Most of the time Alexey worked in Scandinavia, and now he is ready to come back to Estonia and serve the people here.


CTO Dmytro Kostyk

Partner/CEO of Kodisoft

Deals with: Support and software development

Since 2010, working on project IRT (Interactive Restaurant Technology), which is aiming to change the restaurant industry and revolutionize the catering market. Since 2008, also providing free training for talented people interesting in engineering and programming.

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